Date(s) - 23/11/2020 - 27/11/2020
09:00 - 18:00

Jeroen Moes and Reine Ramaekers


Note: this workshop is offered in an asynchronous format, meaning it can be completed at any time during the workshop weeks in your own time. Please do register in order to receive all materials, however.

Organizer: Jeroen Moes

Dr. Jeroen Moes is a Lecturer at UCM, and coordinator of research-oriented courses such as Research Methods and MaRBLe. At UCM he also coordinates the Methods Lab. He holds BSc. degrees in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology from Radboud University Nijmegen (NL), a Research Master in Socio-Cultural Sciences from the same university, and an MSc. And PhD from the European University Institute, Florence (IT). His research has focused on issues of national/collective identities, European integration, and inequality, with case studies in Poland, Italy, Estonia, and the Netherlands.

Workshop description:

This workshop is a direct continuation of the Computer Lab session in Research Methods 1 and is meant for students who intend to expand on their skills in using this software. Students will get individual guidance on how to produce certain statistics in SPSS, specifically addressing measures of association (expanding from Pearson’s R into Cramer’s V, Spearman’s rank correlation, etc.), multiple regression analysis with dummy variables, and factor analysis. Different from the Research Methods 1 Lab Session is that this follow-up will use real large-scale survey data. This means that in addition to the techniques above, we will also cover access to specific data portals and data cleanup for use. For this, we will dip our toes in using SPSS Syntax as well.


What are the methodology and/or methods that the workshop will cover?

  • Access to large scale social survey data
  • Data preparation
  • Measures of association
  • Multiple regression analysis
  • Dummy variables
  • SPSS Syntax
  • Factor Analysis

To participate in this workshop, you will need to prepare the following material(s):

You must have completed the Computer Lab Session in Research Methods 1. If necessary, revise those materials before the workshop. Students who have taken Research Methods before 2018/2019 are advised to consider one of the other workshops on offer instead, or get in touch with Jeroen ahead of time for a quick refresher.

Most importantly, students need to have access to SPSS before the workshops starts. This can be arranged either through Athena Desktop / Student Desktop Anywhere, by using a trial version of SPSS available from the IBM website, or by purchasing the software (e.g. for a reduced price through Surfspot). Any of those options should work for our purposes, but students might choose differently based on their plans with the software in the longer term.

At the end of this workshop, you will have obtained the following skills:

  • Access real, large-scale survey data through data repositories
  • Produce several measures of association in SPSS
  • Produce multiple regression analysis with dummy variables in SPSS
  • Produce a basic factor analysis in SPSS

Workshop format:

There will be a brief pre-recorded introduction that will be made available ahead of time. Students are then invited to work on exercises independently while Jeroen is available for additional explanations and feedback during optional office hours.

– – Registrations are currently open for anyone, regardless of whether they are a student in Research Methods 2 or not. Final registrations close on Monday 23 November 2020 at noon. – –


Registrations are currently closed for this event.