If your project requires you to set up and conduct an online survey or experiment, then Qualtrics is one of the best solutions for that. Maastricht University has a license to this online platform.

Below is information on registering an account, as well as an introduction to the Qualtrics interface. If you need more help in designing a survey or in setting up the more complicated aspects of Qualtrics (such as survey routing, randomization, etc.), feel free to contact us or make an appointment.

Registering a Qualtrics account

You can register for a Qualtrics account through the form at the link below if you are a staff member or current student at UCM (or elsewhere at FSE).

Note that you need to be connected to the UM (WiFi) network or through a VPN for the form to be available.


An introduction to Qualtrics

A first tour of the Qualtrics interface.