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  1. 2019
  2. Published
    Dekker, T. (Photographer). (2019). Democratie tussen regenten en populisten. Web publication/site, Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte.
  3. Published
    Haar, R. (2019). Anxiety in the Age of Donald Trump. Elsevier.
  4. Published
    Dekker, T. J. (2019). The 7 democratic virtues of liberal education. Maastricht: Maastricht University.
  5. 2018
  6. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). Verdwijnt het Amerikaanse leiderschap komend jaar? U.S. Foreign Policy after the Midterms. Elsevier.
  7. Published
    Dekker, T. (2018). Just Wages, Desert, and Pay-What-You-Want Pricing. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 11(2), 144-162. https://doi.org/10.23941/ejpe.v11i2.336
  8. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). Is America becoming less democratic? Observant, 7.
  9. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). Is America becoming less democratic? Elsevier.
  10. Published
    Lo, C., & Thomas, N. (2018). The Macrosecuritization of Antimicrobial Resistance in Asia. Australian Journal of International Affairs, 72(6), 567-583 . https://doi.org/10.1080/10357718.2018.1534939
  11. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). Has the Democratic Party lost its ability to govern? Elsevier.
  12. Published
    Smolka, M. (2018). The Meditating Brain in Context: Eliciting Ethical Reflections in Neuroscientific Meditation Research. In Responsible Research & Innovation and Future Making: Responsibility through Anticipation: Interdisciplinary International Graduate Summer School Donostia-San Sebastián.
  13. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). Wat als Trumps kiezers de pijn gaan voelen? Elsevier.
  14. Published
    Smolka, M. (Author). (2018). “Cosmonaut for a night”: The experiences of a Silver Santé volunteer. Web publication/site, Retrieved from https://silversantestudy.eu/points-of-view/
  15. Published
    Dekker, T., & Korsten, G. (2018). lessen uit 20 jaar liberal arts colleges: suggesties vor beter bacheloronderwijs. Thema Hoger Onderwijs, 25(3), 67.
  16. Published
    Smolka, M. (2018). Controversy in the Aesthetics of Religion: When religious studies go cognitive, visions on how to study religions clash. In Conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST2018): Meetings: Making Science, Technology and Society Together Lancaster.
  17. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). Does Putin Regret Helping Trump win the U.S. Presidency? Elsevier.
  18. Published
    Smolka, M. (2018). The meditating brain in context: Eliciting ethical reflections on neuroscientific meditation research. In International Conference on Mindfulness 2018 Amsterdam.
  19. Published
    Dekker, T. (2018). Burgerschapsonderwijs. De docent en het democratische gesprek. Liberale Reflectie, 6-10.
  20. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). The Uber-Hawk is back: what impact will John Bolton have on U.S. Foreign Policy? Elsevier.
  21. Published
    Schell – Leugers, J., & Schneider, T. (2018). Die Macht des Irrtums: Über die Ursachen und Auswirkungen von gerichtlichen Fehlurteilen. In-Mind Magazin (German Edition), 2.
  22. Published
    Lo, C. (2018). Securitizing HIV/AIDS: A Game Changer in State-Societal Relations in China? Globalization and Health, 14(1), [50]. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12992-018-0364-7
  23. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). Is the time ripe for an EU army? Elsevier.
  24. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). What impact does a sex scandal have on the president? Elsevier.
  25. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). U.S. Policy on Syria: Why America is powerless in Syria. Elsevier.
  26. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). The Precipitous Decline in Diplomacy. Elsevier.
  27. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). Trump’s Global Reality Show: Why this toddler president is mesmerizing everyone. Elsevier.
  28. Published
    Dekker, T. (2018). Liberal Arts Education: Systemic Opportunities & Educational Possibilities –: Lessons from the Netherlands. Universitätskolleg-Schriften, 23, 87-99.
  29. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). America’s Firestorm on Sexual Harassment. Elsevier.
  30. Published
    Haar, R. (2018). The Politicization of Morals: Why the Political Trenches in Washington are getting deeper and deeper. Elsevier.
  31. Published
    Dengler, C., & Strunk, B. (2018). THE MONETIZED ECONOMY VERSUS CARE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: DEGROWTH PERSPECTIVES ON RECONCILING AN ANTAGONISM. Feminist Economics, 24(3), 160-183. https://doi.org/10.1080/13545701.2017.1383620
  32. Published
    Giernalczyk, W. (2018). The development of the multilateral trade regime: exploring institutional change. Maastricht: Proefschriftmaken.nl. https://doi.org/10.26481/dis.20181218wg
  33. Published
    Vliegenthart, D. (2018). The Secular Religion of Franklin Merrell-Wolff: An Intellectual History of Anti-Intellectualism in Modern America. (Numen Book Series; Vol. 158). Leiden: Brill.
  34. 2017
  35. Published
    Haar, R. (2017). NATO Foreign Ministers December 2017 Meeting: What will emerge from NATO’s December meeting? Elsevier.
  36. Published
    Haar, R. (Author). (2017). America’s Current Malaise. Web publication/site, Elsevier. Retrieved from https://www.elsevierweekblad.nl/americandreamers/blog/2017/11/americas-current-malaise-564861/
  37. Published
    Haar, R. (2017). De kruiperigheid in Washington: Desensitized and Dispirited. Elsevier, 47(73), 48-49.
  38. Published
    Moes, J. (2017). Imagining Europe: Identities, Geography, and Method.
  39. Published
    Lo, C. (2017). China’s Rise and the U.S Pivot to Asia: The Implications of Trans-Pacific Partnership on the Regional Economic Architecture. In S. Fröhlich, & H. Loewen (Eds.), The Changing East Asian Security Landscape Challenges, Actors and Governance (pp. 83-103). Wiesbaden, Germany: Springer VS.
  40. Published
    Haar, R. (2017). Desensitized and Dispirited. Elsevier.
  41. Published
    Dekker, T. (2017). The Headaches and Joys of an Open Curriculum. In J. Tonda Dirksen, D. Kontowski, & D. Krebs (Eds.), What is Liberal Education and what could it be? : EUROPEAN STUDENTS ON THEIR LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION (Vol. Delphi, pp. 29-31). LESC.
  42. Published
    Haar, R. (2017). Insurgency and American Foreign Policy: the case of George McGovern. World Affairs, 180(2), 32-61. https://doi.org/10.1177/0043820017721266
  43. Published
    Smolka, M. (2017). Translating between Buddhism and neuroscience: Conceptual differences and similarities in epistemic cultures. Neuroscientific research on Vipassana meditation – a case study. The Self-Journal of Science, [647].
  44. Published
    Rausch, C. (2017). Maisons Tropicales/Maisons Coloniales: contesting technologies of authenticity and value in Niamey, Brazzaville, Paris, New York and Venice. International Journal of Heritage Studies, 1-18. https://doi.org/10.1080/13527258.2017.1362578
  45. Published
    Schell – Leugers, J., & Geven, L. Wenn Beweise nicht kugelfest sind.
  46. Published
    Ferguson, L. (2017). How do students access and assess academic information? A quick scan into information literacy at Maastricht University. Maastricht: Maastricht University.
  47. Published
    Aarts, S. A. B. M., Seijkens, T. T. P., Kusters, P. J. H., van der Pol, S. M. A., Zarzycka, B., Heijnen, P. D. A. M., … Lutgens, E. (2017). Inhibition of CD40-TRAF6 interactions by the small molecule inhibitor 6877002 reduces neuroinflammation. Journal of Neuroinflammation, 14, [105]. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12974-017-0875-9
  48. Published
    Bijlmakers, S. (2017). The legalization of corporate social responsibility: towards a new doctrine of international legal status in a global governance context.
  49. Published
    Ferguson, L. (2017). Approaching the digital humanities: A report on the present and future potential of digital humanities collaboration at Maastricht University. Maastricht: Maastricht University.
  50. Published
    Haar, R. (2017). Trump: Apprentice-President, Failing Entertainer, or Disrupter-in-Chief? Three Possible Pathways for Trump’s Foreign Policy. Atlantisch Perspectief, 41(2), 14-20.
  51. Published
    Dekker, T. (2017). Diversity and Differentiation in the Dialectic of Liberal Arts. In K. Goessinger (Ed.), On the emergence of Pigeon Towers: A collection of essays (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 2-32). Cairo.
  52. Published
    Wolf, D., Bukosza, N., Enge, D., Poggi, M., Jehle, F., Michel, N. A., … Zirlik, A. (2017). Inflammation, but not recruitment, of adipose tissue macrophages requires signalling through Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18) in diet-induced obesity (DIO). Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 117(2), 325-338. https://doi.org/10.1160/TH16-07-0553
  53. Published
    de Bont, R., Schleper, S., & Schouwenburg, H. (2017). Conservation Conferences and Expert Networks in the Short Twentieth Century. Environment and History, 23(4), 569-599. https://doi.org/10.3197/096734017X15046905071889
  54. Published
    Heidemann, K. El desarrollo de la participación comunitaria a través de las escuelas comunitarias: Una mirada hacia Argentina.
  55. Published
    Dekker, T. (2017). Liberal Arts in Europe. In Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory Singapore: Springer Nature. https://doi.org/10.1007/978
  56. Published
    Schleper, M. S. (2017). Life on Earth: Controversies on the science and politics of global nature conservation, 1960 – 1980. Maastricht: Datawyse / Universitaire Pers Maastricht. https://doi.org/10.26481/dis.20170426mss
  57. E-pub ahead of print
    Heidemann, K. (2017). Overcoming Uncertainty: Agency, Stance and the Rise of Collective Action in Times of Crisis. Sociological Focus, 1-17. https://doi.org/10.1080/00380237.2017.1370938
  58. Published
    Smolka, M. (2017). Responsibility in neuroscientific cognitive enhancement research. Poster session presented at European Summer Research Institute, Chiemsee, Germany.
  59. Published
    Smolka, M. (Author). (2017). Responsibility in the Silver Santé Study means caring for others: Point of view. Web publication/site, www.silversantestudy.eu: . Retrieved from https://silversantestudy.eu/points-of-view/
  60. Published
    Smolka, M. (2017). Territories of Critique in Psychology: Lübeck Colloquium on Psychological Humanities. H-Soz-Kult.
  61. 2016
  62. Published
    Dekker, T. (2016). Fred Feldman’s Distributive justice: getting what we deserve from our country. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016, 288 pp. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 9(2), 208. https://doi.org/10.23941/ejpe.v9i2.240
  63. Published
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  64. Published
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  65. Published
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  66. Published
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  67. Published
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  68. Published
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  69. 2015
  70. Published
    Sauerland, M., Schell – Leugers, J., & Sagana, A. (2015). Fabrication puts suspects at risk: blindness to changes in transgression-related statements. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 29(4), 544-551. https://doi.org/10.1002/acp.3133
  71. Published
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  72. Published
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  73. Published
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  74. Published
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  75. Published
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  76. Published
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  77. Published
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  78. 2014
  79. Published
    Haar, R., & Duke, S. (2014). A Reassessment of Transatlantic Security: Europe, The United States and NATO. In R. Tiersky, & E. Jones (Eds.), Europe Today: A Twenty-First Century Introduction (Fifth ed., pp. 417-446). Plymouth: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc..
  80. Published
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  81. Published
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  82. Published
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  83. Published
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  84. Published
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  85. Published
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  86. Published
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  87. 2013
  88. Published
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  89. Published
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  90. Published
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  95. Published
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  96. Published
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  97. Published
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  98. Published
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  99. 2012
  100. Published
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  101. Published
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  103. Published
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  104. Published
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  108. Published
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  114. Published
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  115. 2011
  116. Published
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  124. 2010
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  138. 2008
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  142. 2007
  143. Published
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  144. 2006
  145. Published
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  146. 2005
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  148. 2003
  149. Published
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  150. 2001
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  153. 2000
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