For further details about workshop content, please refer to the workshop booklet. You need to register (see below) before you can participate in this workshop.

Optional Q&A: 25-11-2021, 10:30-12:00, asynchronous online

Workshop host: Olga Bostan – Leipzig University, Germany

Registration: (Links to an external site.)

Zoom (register first): (Links to an external site.)

Preparation before the workshop:

In order to access and independently complete this workshop, please download the following file which includes the workshop slides plus audio recording of Olga:

Visual Methods Ppt-Olga Bostan.pptx  Download Visual Methods Ppt-Olga Bostan.pptx (login required)

This presentation is also available without narration for those who prefer it (but this is not recommended): Visual Methods Ppt-Olga Bostan_No sound.pptx  Download Visual Methods Ppt-Olga Bostan_No sound.pptx (login required)

Preparation before the workshop:
It is strongly recommended to watch the documentary Modern Ruins (2018) before the workshop (linked below for free). This will help students gain a clearer understanding of the examples that will be provided in the workshop, as well as give them a chance to ask questions based on the film.