The materials below are used in the workshop on Intermediate Statistics in SPSS. When starting the workshop, please begin by opening the “Exercise instructions” below, and follow the steps there. The videos below are there to help you on your way if you get stuck, and our instructors are ready to help out as well (as per the information you received over email). Good luck!

The clips below provide assistance in specific sections of the exercises. They do offer additional explanation, but they are not absolutely essential to be able to complete all of the exercises. If you use them, it might be best to start with the introduction on top.

Note: I noticed that my webcam dropped out a couple of times, but that shouldn’t be a major issue (it might be a benefit to some, I suppose ;)). Sorry in any case!

Workshop Welcome & Introduction
GESIS data portal registration and downloading real data (section 2, part 1)
Syntax in SPSS introduction (section 2, part 2)
Dummy Variables in SPSS (section 4)